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In 2016, we started with our first branch in Karachi with an aim to change the traditional style of dining by providing a unique dining experience that goes beyond, just good food and focuses on flavour with high quality service in a warm and welcoming Arabian ambiance.

Every dish is prepared with perfection as we serve the finest authentic Arabian Cuisine and our rich flavours have drawn people from all over to come and experience the flavours of Middle East.

Come experience for yourself why Ridan is the perfect place for authentic Arabian Cuisine!

Our Team

CEO Umair Idrees

Assalam o alaikum

There is always a vision of doing something unique and new which lead us to bring this ‘Arabic Cuisine’ in our country. ALHAMDULILLAH an overwhelming response gave us confidence to serve in a much better manner as time passed by. Now ALHAMDULILLAH we are serving in 3 cities of Pakistan with 6 braches and in sha Allah many more to come.

Chef Kabir Khan

Assalam o alaikum

We have tried our best to give you the authentic mandi flavour as people have tried in middle eastern countries and that’s not an easy task to fulfill the tastebuds of each and every person but we have tried our best…..as someone once said with great power comes great responsibilities so we are trying our best to fulfill our responsibilities, enjoy and keep us in your dua.

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